Ms. Wendy Martinez, 35, Murdered By America's [Much Ignored] *Child Care* Public Health Crisis

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    #TheLargerIssue #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions

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    Ms. Wendy Martinez, 35, Murdered By America's [Much Ignored] *Child Care* Public Health Crisis

    NEW: Man accused in Greenacres woman’s fatal stabbing has mental health, drug issues

    Media reports, "Martinez and her mother, Cora, went shopping last weekend for a wedding dress. The red dress Wendy bought is the one she’ll wear for her burial, Cora Martinez said."

    My twelve years experience as a uniform cop, robbery and death investigator serving young 'Childhood Trauma' (#ACEs) victims Shawn "Jay Z" Carter and Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Brooklyn, NY neighborhoods, leaves NO DOUBTS homicide victim Ms. Wendy Martinez is one of COUNTLESS “EVERYONE(S)” the late popular American urban story-TRUTH-teller and 'Childhood Trauma' (#ACEs) victim Tupac Shakur is speaking about in his (often misinterpreted) #T_H_U_G_L_I_F_E Child Abuse, Emotional Neglect, Abandonment and Maltreatment *AWARENESS-PREVENTION* concept!

    "The Hate U Give Little Infants Fvvks *EVERYONE"* ~'Childhood Trauma' (#ACEs) victim Tupac Shakur

    “We need more people who care; you know what I’m saying? We need more women, mothers, fathers, we need more of that…” ~Tupac Shakur

    Unfortunately, before he gained the confidence to properly promote his #T_H_U_G_L_I_F_E Child Abuse *AWARENESS PREVENTION* concept, Tupac was brutally murdered by OTHER emotionally or mentally ill victims of America's Culture of African American Child Abuse, Neglect and Emotional Maltreatment evolving from America's multi-generational, ignorant, once legal Culture of Racism.

    Sadly, in this instance, Ms. Wendy Martinez and the citizens who witnessed her last breaths, are the *EVERYONE(s)* Tupac is speaking about.

    _tupac dr nadine burke harris common.jpg

    I write about and share evidence of America’s MUCH IGNORED, oppressive, potentially life scarring black or African American *MATERNAL CHILD CARE* #T_H_U_G_L_I_F_E HEALTH CRISIS that I, as well as a growing number of my reasonably responsible, caring, concerned American and foreign born neighbors believe is impeding our peaceful, responsible American friends, neighbors and co-workers of African descent from experiencing the equality and respect all peaceful, reasonably responsible Americans are entitled to enjoy.

    (*May 18, 2015 - Rise in Suic!de by Black Children Surprises Researchers - The New York Times*)
    Recently, 'Childhood Trauma' (#ACEs) victim-survivor Oprah Winfrey learned about and shared with her fellow citizens POWERFUL, eye-opening medical knowledge regarding America's easily PREVENTABLE, though potentially life scarring *CHILD CARE* PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS.

    Knowledge Oprah exuberantly declares is a "game changer."

    Video search terms: "Oprah Winfrey, Fixing The 'Hole In Your Soul'"

    _Belinda Pittman-McGee Oprah Winfrey_02.jpg

    American *(Children)* Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; *End Our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect*; End Community Violence, Police Anxiety & Educator's Frustrations

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