Moses Sanctified Usury Tariffs; And So New Testament Created A Remedy!

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    The learning curve of a Trump Administration is finally showing its dress(?)! A fixed percentage tax, or tariff, is regressive. Like clergy over the weekend, an actual declaration of war really didn't need to so-state, in usual Court and Constitutional understanding. (Those are the kinds of families, those all are.) The White House could be said to be maybe buying stuff from Nancy Pelosi, after all!

    Republicans of another era recognized that the Regressive Payroll Tax needed a remedy, and so the per-child Tax Credit--an equal amount per child--was set up to reverse the regressive impact. The Reagan-era Congress would raise and index the equal amount personal exemptions, and standard deduction, in the 1986 tax reform.

    Moses had tried to sanctify usury in Deut 23:19-20. Israel could charge the foreign usury. It's even in the Bible(?)!

    New Testament Matt 25: 14-30, even shows how even Las Vegas got creamed in the Foreclosure Crisis--regarded no friends of America(?)! Essentially the people foreclosed were "Cast Out" of their households.
    That Bush Administration has failed everyone completely. That Bush had had already admitted to that indirectly. He had learned that faced with recession, taxes get lowered. It couldn't. People inclined to spend were no longer having tax bills, that could be cut.

    The equal amount remedy was shown in Matt 20:1-16, an early version of a Cost-of-Living-Adjustment. No one since would recognize the two New Testament stories, until a few decades ago. Off to Tax Court in fact the arithmetic would have to go. Eventually into the Free Venice Beachhead, it would go.

    And now it is being widely well-known to be getting applied, and without comment.

    The American Family values were and are now clearly in play.

    Just Sayin!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken Not Stirred!"
    (Lands of Many Nations still have beads and trinkets: To buy it all back!)
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