Mormon Romney Proposes Christ's Inflation Indexed Minimum Wage: Unlike Holy Father!

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    "Give us this day, our daily bread, (at the inflated prices the speculators all created), is actually legendary support of the rich, from a hands-off policy regarding the poor(?). Even Jesus knew that income redistribution, done properly: Like in the Schedule M refundable tax credits of the Obama Laws, would work well for any economy.

    Jewboy Jesus proposed a "good" economy, in Matthew 20:1-16. Governor Romney took the equal amount concept, of a Minimum Wage, and then proposed to index it.

    Romney supports automatic hikes in minimum wage - Time Warner - Finance

    Great Mormon Socialist, Mitt Romney: Is finally coming to the way of Christ: Through Great Socialist Interventions into the workplace payrolls! Whereas all payrolls should be indexed the equal amount of Minimum Wage--at least to start--Romney proposed the beginning with a proposal to index, just the Minimum Wage.

    Even among Venice Beach, singers of songs: Then "others will follow," is a kind of likely outocome. Widespread Wealth Worldwide, itself commences the Great Socialist Agenda of the end of nation-states, via anarchy! Anyone can see even Romney able to come board to Great Socialist Civilization. . .largely White! In Utah, someone should suggest, that last part could be tought!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Naked boys of Many Nations: Able to safely find themselves on pride of many stallions, without aid of White Eyes, Before Lincoln of the attempted genocide of white peoples in America, and the "doctors" of the military hospitals. Nazi Mengele, properly understood Lincoln best! Republicans tend more to that side! Many kept the money, even in the recent foreclosure cirsis.)
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