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    Georgian People is livid with anger and indignation. It seems to us that we've never known what a real democracy is. People's money is spent on hiring American experts of forging elections and making for our dictator image of democratic governor. For those aims once again Georgian authorities made contract with Prime Policy Group and Gephardt Government Affairs. They will lobby "Georgian" interests in Congress. So we've lost the last hope for open future honest election of President. But for sure every disaffected would be jumped down his throat and every little disturbance would be suppressed viciously.
    I say! Living in Europe and USA you see Georgia as free country with equal opportunities for each its citizen. But indeed the majority of common Georgians don't have decent shelter and eats from time to time hacking for a song for Saakasvili and his mafia. Everyone's here is intimidated by his butchers. And even if you would come here no one would tell you the truth about our miserable existence. And rear cries of help in Inet remain unanswered and unnoticed. We are all hostages of Saakashvili and his clique.
    No hope. No future.
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