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    Americans love sports and tourism, since both industries speak to a modernism focus on hospitality and of course media. Media offers culture-exposure for people with access to TV, Internet, etc., and it promotes both sports-marketing ( and tourism (Wikitravel)!

    So I wanted to do a special comparison of NFL cheerleaders and airline stewardesses, since both groups serve as modern diplomats of traffic and of course commerce/consumerism.

    Did you know there's a Burger King in Afghanistan, now?



    Americans were excited about sports-media and tourism after the underdog Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) shocked the seemingly-indomitable Tom Brady led New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 [2018] --- and the Eagles accomplished this impressive feat with their backup-QB (Nick Foles)! After this strange and exciting Eagles victory, the media industry profited from endorsements and ads, and cheerleading squads across the NFL got special boosts from owners and cheerleading-squad managers. Philadelphia tourism advertisers were suddenly talking about Philly-brands (e.g., Philadelphia Cream Cheese!) and how they rivalled New England Clam Chowder(!). It was a media-marketing fest.

    Tourism obviously got a boost, since tourists were interested in how media-flair under 'TrumpUSA' might offer special travel-discounts and packages at resorts and casinos such as Caesar's Palace (Las Vegas), Atlantis, Disney World, and elsewhere. It was like a giant lizard of commerce had awaken, and it was all thanks to Super Bowl 52(!). This was not unexpected, since Super Bowl ads were known to be incredible revenue and ratings-generators because modern-day audiences were interested in 'society access' to capitalism 'flyers' and banners (it's the spirit of commerce afterall). Since the Winter Olympics were being held in South Korea in the same year [2018], U.S. President Donald Trump was also interested in politico-cultural ramifications (after all, South Korea's neighbour North Korea was embroiled in nuclear warfare intrigue, requiring the Trump Administration to bolster commerce-pacts with Seoul!).

    Well, teams of cheerleaders and stewardesses did not want to miss out on the 'action,' and some began dating celebrities and prominent airline pilots, seeking to capitalize on this limelight by becoming media-savvy diplomats(!). The days of Jackie Kennedy were officially replaced by the age of Madonna and L'Oréal. TrumpUSA was in full-swing, and media spokesmen talked about the 'social value' of presenting cheerleaders and stewardesses as 'handmaidens of capitalism-evangelism.' How would capitalism fare, and how would anti-capitalism groups and terrorists (e.g., ISIS) respond? One Miami Dolphins cheerleaders named Stana wanted to be a success-story, and one Air Lingus (Ireland) stewardess named Matty wanted to play her role (and do her duty!).

    STANA: This is incredibly exciting.
    MATTY: Traffic has become a treasure-hunt.
    STANA: Beauty is a commodity now...
    MATTY: So is division of labor!
    STANA: There'll be 'cosmetics' ghost-stories.
    MATTY: And airline-terrorism movies!
    STANA: I wonder what Tom Brady thinks.
    MATTY: I wonder what Donald Trump thinks.
    STANA: We have to make sure we don't become corrupt.
    MATTY: That will require an attention to commerce-ethics.
    STANA: It's the age of media-censors, no?
    MATTY: Sure, and also the time of media-priests.
    STANA: What the heck is a media priest?
    MATTA: Sort of like Donahue, Steve Jobs, and Mike Wallace!
    STANA: In that case, we have to be wary of ad-exploitation.
    MATTY: Yes, terrorism and steroids are a purely 'modern' evil.



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