Marvel: The Orphanage Dilemma($)

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    This is a modernism-democracy vignette about Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) inspired by the pedestrianism-psychology film Newsies.

    Civics-investments are the hallmark of modern mythology, which we hope is at the forefront of President Trump's mind!




    Captain Marvel was an incredible superheroine and she wanted to initiate a mission regarding the upkeep of orphanages in Europe and the maintenance of adoption centers in America. Captain Marvel believed the modern age required a more holistic vigilance toward urbanization and civics and that meant more than lip-service about 'societal appreciations' of Oliver Twist! Captain Marvel decided to have a meeting with her girlfriends on the top of the Statue of Liberty.


    On the Statue, the five young women talked about cultural perceptions of consumerism and the marketing of toys to American children and the general popularity of Toys 'R Us and Nickelodeon. Captain Marvel suggested that the new American vigilantism-daydream television series Gotham (Fox TV) was creating a new 'social consciousness' regarding the popularity of the YMCA and Halloween among the youth. Monica (one of Marvel's girlfriends) mentioned that a young American actor named Michael Fox was writing editorials in the New Yorker about the human value of orphanage-consciousness in the modern world!


    As the four girls retired to their apartment and enjoyed pizza and cards, Captain Marvel questioned if modern media news networks (i.e., CNN, BBC) were adequately covering the new age interest in pedestrian economics and laissez-faire politics (e.g., eTrade, Greenpeace, etc.). Monica (aka, 'Spectrum') suggested that the release of the Roman Polanski film Oliver Twist would add new public interest in human-interest issues as they related to 'society chatter' and 'mass-marketed art.' Captain Marvel was worried that too much obsession with art would detract attention away from youth-education and consumerism-values talk and 'popular science.'


    Well, Captain Marvel had other problems to deal with now, since her nemeses were creating havoc near the Statue of Liberty. The NYC mayor and his young son were kidnapped and were being held for ransom on top of the Statue, and Captain Marvel had to swoop in and tackle them in front of news-cameras. After she efficiently disposed of all the evil-doers and freed the mayor and his frightened son and handed them over to NYPD officers, she answered some questions for CNN reporters about 'evangelical democracy.'



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