Magic Wand: The Devil's MTV

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    This is a toy-and-weapon comic book stylized consumerism-paranoia vignette I cooked up inspired by the dystopian films Army of Darkness, Toys, and Robots.

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    Green Lantern was contending with a villain named Phantasm who wanted to corrupt America's idealism towards consumerism accessibility by brainwashing people into looting hardware stores and using the tools to create mayhem and violence. Lantern knew he would have to pull out extraordinary weapons of light and fire to counter the pedestrian madness created by countless American crazies running in the streets with chainsaws and hammers. Lantern also recruited the help of comic book artist/celebrity Kevin Smith to circulate drawings of stick-figure heroes/villains wielding strange/intriguing weapons to remind kids that consumerism was not about terrorism!


    Smith agreed to take the assignment and made a special double-set of silly stick-figure characters (a hero named SCEPTRE and a villain named WARCHILD). The hero wielded a special electric rod, while the villain wielded a spiked metal-ball and claw-arm. Smith circulated these stick-figure doodles all over the media (MTV, Facebook, Nickelodeon, etc.), and soon movie-producers wanted a Dr. Seuss oriented film-story about zany but child-like stick-figure characters wielding strange and eccentric weaponry. Lantern knew consumerism fervor was tipping in his favor, and Phantasm became so frustrated that he tried to assassinate President Trump, but Lantern arrested Phantasm and told the press, "Consumerism will never submit to the forces of socialism!"



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