Stamps/Tapes: Digital Evolution

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    This is a commerce-and-goods era vignette inspired by the ambition-narcissism films Capitalism: A Love Story, Toys, and Kingdom of Heaven.

    Signing off,


    King Baldwin was an esoteric but shrewd leader who met a time-traveller named Donald Trump who gave him a book of authentic postage-stamps. Baldwin was quite dazzled and wanted to know more about the 'age' Trump visited from, and Trump explained his exploits in Atlantic City and D.C. and informed him that his postage-stamps were 'tokens' of the development of networking in the newer age of correspondence. Baldwin explained he was currently dealing with a nefarious rival (a warlock) named Mum-Ra!


    Mum-Ra had a time-travelling 'ally' of his own (Bill Clinton) who gave the rival warlock a group of compact and mini-audio cassettes with players with recordings of important political dealings aired on the American politics-access network C-SPAN. Mum-Ra was so impressed that he gave Bill Clinton a herum of female hand-maidens who tended to his every wish, and Mum-Ra directed all his capitalist rage towards Baldwin and his postage-stamps.


    Fortunately, Baldwin won the contest, since his mosaic of postage-stamps were very artistic as well as being very archaeological, so Baldwin was given a new palace and an honorary title from Yale University (its comparative literature department) by Donald Trump who returned to his own time to run for the office of U.S. President. Baldwin realized Mum-Ra would slip quietly into oblivion and recognized the symbolic significance of winning an intellectual-property war which certainly signalled the coming of an age of goods-driven socialism! Bill Clinton's wife Hillary would challenge Donald in the Presidential race...



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