Lincoln was a woman

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    Let me set the tone of this message with my favorite Lincoln joke.

    I know Lincoln was a woman because she was shot in the box.

    Not being a fan of Abraham Lincoln, and motion pictures, I might just rent the film titled Lincoln. A one-time reversal of my longstanding bias against the two is based on the reviews I’ve been reading. Namely, the film shows Lincoln as a politician.

    Nothing can possibly demean a man more effectively than proving he was a politician. That’s why I’ve always suspected that a politician invented the phrase “Never speak ill of the dead.” Nobody knows this better than a politician —— If you can’t speak ill of a dead politician there’s really nothing else to say. For 147 years Lincoln got double protection because he was assassinated. Had he died of old age I doubt if his public persona would be the stuff of legends.

    And let’s not forget Lincoln’s propaganda value. Parasite teachers pounding Lincoln’s god-like status into generations of school children did more for totalitarian government than did all of the Democrat presidents combined. That, in itself, says a lot about bipartisanship since Lincoln was the first Republican party president.

    NOTE: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln run neck and neck in polls asking which president was the greatest. George and Abe are best-known for the wars they are associated with. General Washington fought a foreign government for freedom, individual liberties, and limited government while President Lincoln took the country to an unparalleled slaughter of Americans for the glory of government. Figure out that one if you can!

    How do politicians see themselves? That’s easy. They all convince themselves they have to control everybody’s behavior in order to make the world a better place. The Affordable Care Act is a better place to hear them tell it. Never mind that death panels will kill everybody bureaucrats think should not live. Remember this when the corpses plie up. Bureaucrats never do the actual killing until after politicians legalize the machinery. Bottom line: Politicians not only get rich along the way they get away with murder.

    If my judgement is too harsh for our present crop in government they can always spite people like me by doing nothing more than the Constitution enumerates.

    Lincoln’s amendment

    I believe that the final sentence in the XIII Amendment shows Lincoln’s evil intentions more than anything else he did legislatively:

    That one sentence transforms the original Bill of Rights into a government Bill of Rights. Notice that not one of the Rights in the original Bill of Rights is strengthened by “appropriate legislation.” Ultimately, the government ordering Americans to do as they are told is directly related to those 11 words. Legislation ordering Americans to purchase goods and services ——even when killing Americans is in the legislation—— as it is in the ACA —— is the worst result of Lincoln’s amendment.

    And how’s this for irony. Freeing black slaves in the South ended up enslaving everyone to Lincoln’s all-powerful government. If the XVI Amendment isn’t involuntary servitude it will do until something better comes along.

    This final excerpt from Drew Zahn’s piece had me laughing:

    Look what Hollywood has done to Lincoln now
    Exclusive: Drew Zahn reviews Steven Spielberg's biopic on 16th president
    Published: 5 hours ago
    by DREW ZAHN

    Look what Hollywood has done to Lincoln now

    Hussein is more like Lincoln than he knows. The Secession Movement along with the majority who hate his guts proves it.

    I’ll close with the amendment that was ratified but never implemented. It has nothing to do with the topic. I’m including it because it might be of interest to anyone who might want to analyze the Missing XIII Amendment in relation to the United Nations:

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    He is a great man!

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