Liberate Belarus And End The Last Tyranny In Europe

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    USS Abraham Lincoln
    they need our help... and even more than us, europe's help.

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    Hello, i must disappoint you with Belarus.

    yes, Belarus is dictator.

    But the worst thing is, Russia and Belarus (Lukashenko) decided a month ago to fusion Russia with Belarus in 2008.

    So there will be none Belarus in 2008 anymore. It is then Russia.

    Please read here for furthermore:

    I will try to get more detailed Links, which it explains furthermore.
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    Let me explain it to you, whoever you are... There will never be any complete union between Luka-Belarus and Russia. Lukashenko's dream-come-true is to be a dictator to maximum in his own "barony".

    Luka is going to laugh at all you democratic countries and your attempts to stop him, cause he knows you are afraid of Russia behind him. (But Russia's not WITH him !)
    Afraid of what ? A country far from the most capable military powers in the world, ignoring the basic human rights and suggesting that Iran has its own nuke?

    By the way, Republic of Belarus is an ex-nuclear state (See Wikipedia e.g.)

    Latest activity by Mr Lukashenko:

    Lukashenka has a fellow feeling for the leadership of Iran because of the external pressure on this country.

    “We are very sorry about the things going on around Iran, because sometimes we also become targets of such attacks, although these attacks are not so tough,” Lukashenka said during his meeting with Foreign Minister of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi on Thursday in Minsk.

    “Belarus is closely watching the situation around Iran, and we do care,” Lukashenka noted. “We are vocal opponents of any dictate and pressure on countries by other countries. We believe that no one should tell a sovereign and independent country what it should do and how,” he stressed.

    Lukashenka said that he is sure “Iran holds a similar view.” He also noted that “any leadership of any country should work to offer a better and more stable life for their citizens.” “I know that your President and the parliament and the spiritual leader are working towards these goals and we support this policy,” the dictator stated.

    The dictator stated that he views the visit of the head of the Iranian Foreign minister “as an opportunity to evaluate the bilateral relations at this difficult stage and to revise the ongoing programs to some extent.” “I hope that you with your Belarusian colleague will do it and I will be thankful if this work leads to broader cooperation between our countries,” Lukashenka said.

    In his turn, the head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that it was a great honor for him to meet the ruler of Belarus. “You are very famous in Iran, and I have always wanted to get a chance to meet with such a remarkable man,” Ali Akbar Salehi said.

    “You are positively perceived by our people because you have always sought to be independent.” “We know that the desire for independence has a price and it should be paid. You and your people have displayed great fortitude over the last 20 years. This is why Belarus enjoys such a high status on the international political arena,” Ali Akbar Salehi said.

    “Yes, you may have encountered certain problems and experienced pressure, but in the end you will emerge winners because we believe justice will prevail,” the Iranian minister stated.

    Ali Akbar Salehi conveyed the best wishes “from Doctor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad”. He informed he met Mahmoud Ahmadinejad before his visit to Minsk. During the meeting Iranian President asked to tell Lukashenka that Iran “is considering new approaches and a possibility of a new start in our relations.”

    The Iranian Minister conveyed an invitation from the leadership of the country for A. Lukashenka to visit Iran.
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