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Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by ErikViking, Jun 2, 2010.

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    It is fascinating and also a bit scary, the rethoric around the middle east problems. I don't think I have ever seen arguments so completley free of human compassion. Almost beautiful. Our inner most fears turned to hate and put on paper.

    This is a conflict where if you do not support one side blindly to a 100 percent, you will be considered to be the enemy of everyone. An enemy depicted as not human, not worth anything and with no right to exist.

    In this conflict partial victories are sought out and celebrated. There are no civilians. No one can choose not to take part.

    The ones winning today are the scared. The ones so scared they have forgotten everything but hate.


    Into this area sets a few ships. Their intention is good. But they have sided in the conflict - by showing compassion. You can't do this here, not to one side and not to both - there is no such thing here - you MUST take a stand in order to be at least... half a human.

    So things go bad. And we are shocked. We would of course gone far to avoid bloodshed. We, with the luxure of not being surrounded by hate and imminent death, we act with that security backing us up.

    Middle East. Gahndi wouldn't have lasted a day there.


    Who is to blame? Jews? Muslims? They have yet to come up with an atrocity on a brand new scale in order to stand out from eachother. They are deadlocked in a conflict where I can no longer see the distinction between them. They want the exact same thing: Live in peace and feel secure. They use the exact same methods to achive it. They use the exact same rethoric to support it.

    I don't mind, once in a while, being accused of hating all jew or hating all muslims. I don't mind. Because I know that having the luxury of not being scared all the time gives me the opportunity to remind the scared and hating people that there can be not only grey - but any color - between the black and the white.

    I think that all people that can should point out where this or that action taken by any side would not be the choise of people that live in peace and feel secure.

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