Let's blame CONSERVATIVES for high gas prices, shall we!

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    Here are my premises...

    Speculation is the primary driver of high gasoline prices.
    CONZ seek to weaken control over commodities trading, specifically, oil speculation by cutting the budget of the regulatory oversight body to do so.

    So let's get on the speculation as the primary driver of gasoline prices.

    Demand for gas is at lows.
    Yet the price is high.
    What about production? Domestic production is up 11% from the Bush years.

    Hmmm...it appears that something other than supply and demand is affecting the price.

    As a result of speculation among these and other major players, an estimated 60 percent of the price of oil per barrel was added; a $100 barrel of oil, in reality, should cost $40. And despite having an agency created to prevent just such speculative price inflation, by the time oil prices skyrocketed, the government had made a paper tiger out of it.
    HowStuffWorks "Oil Speculation Basics"

    WHO made a paper tiger out of the agency designed to end this obscene profit taking?

    Just when it was ramping up to implement Wall Street reforms, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission could face personnel cuts now as a result of its budget approved last week by Congress.
    It’s a remarkable situation that underscores the relentless guerrilla war the White House faces in trying to get the resources it wants to take on the multitrillion-dollar derivatives market. It also puts the House Appropriations Committee in a pickle at a time when conservatives already accuse its Republican leadership of being too responsive to President Barack Obama’s demands.
    Indeed it was the House GOP negotiators — opposed to the Dodd-Frank financial reforms enacted last year — who drove the CFTC budget bargain and held the 2012 appropriation to $205.3 million, a virtual freeze at 2011 levels and a one-third cut from Obama’s request.

    Gee...it appears that rat fucking CONZ are the ones to blame for high gas prices, doesn't it?

    I mean if 60% of the price of gas is due to speculation, that adds NO VALUE to the product being sold or to the consumer buying it....I guess that's just our tough luck huh?
    It's not like we can expect government to fix it when CONZ have kneecapped the agency that oversees controlling speculation.

    Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy.

    Goobermint don't work! See....looky at the CFTC.....it can't control oil market speculation after we cut it's budget!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ztcc_JSemEg]Patton Oswalt - Obama - YouTube[/ame]
    "There's that ****** that gave us anti-gravity. I'm gonna be late to the cross burning my free government blowjob robot broke. Fucking BULLSHIT...this guy is the worse President ever! Just like a black guy to give you a free blowjob robot and it breaks after 6 years....this SUCKS!"

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