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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Yurt, May 1, 2006.

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    Just bought an LCD because the wife could no longer stand the monstrocity that was my former 19inch (she wants to put an L desk in and the monster would not fit).

    I need some help here:

    It is a samsung 930B. The pictures are amazing (I immediately checked out DMP's pics of the NW). However, the font(s) seem a bit fuzzy. The native resolution on this 19inch is 1280X1040 (or something like that). I no longer have eyes of steele, so I can't go higher than 1024X7something.

    Is there a way to make the fonts, I know the pixels matter, more sharp?

    I have an AMD ath 2000+ with NV FX 5200 128 meg card. Motherboard is cheap as it was free my my pop. I have 768 ram (512 ddr) the other is old school.

    My thoughts:

    I want to upgrade my system (have WD 120G Gold 7200 HD). There is a 2.8 intel with pro MB at frys for $119, BUT, here is the thing, I was just told at bestbuy that the new graphics cards are PCI express and they are the bomb. Been so long since I have been involved in building systems that I actually thought PCI express meant PCI slot :slap: . So, the $119 combo has AGP, not PCI E.


    Will an upgrade (motherboard/cpu alone) make any difference with the pixelation as I am not running native resolution?

    If I upgrade motherboard/CPU, should I buy a PCI express capable MB as this appear to be the next generation. Bestbuy has one on sale (GF FX 6600 256) for $129.

    Or should I buy the $119 combo (increase perf) and then wait a wee bit until the AGP cards go on sale?

    I am not a big gamer, more like a tourist. I have CIV IV, Star wars stuff, but the last big action game I bought was RTW II. I think that game is 4 years old, but great game.

    Any suggestions?

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