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    There has been some discussion on the new Star Trek Discovery program on CBS. What I only just discovered tonight was that CBS and Paramount had sued to stop a production of a full-length feature film based on the Axanar battle with the Klingon Empire. CBS/Paramount has the legal rights to the Star Trek franchise and they had the legal right to stop production on this, but I think they made a huge mistake.

    The Axanar film project is what they call a 'fan based film' and CBS last year set down some rules for the making of fan based films, chiefly that they could only consist of two 15 minute episodes in totality. So essentially, you have to tell the entire story in 30 minutes.

    The mistake, in My opinion, is that CBS and Paramount did not hire these guys to do the Axanar project and/or to work on the new ST: Discovery series. Their talent is unquestionable and their story writing is top level.

    For those who don't recall, Axanar was the battle in which Captain Garth (seen in the original series as Lord Garth, an inmate in an insane asylum. This is the episode titled "Whom Gods Destroy" S03E14) earns his reputation as one of the finest Starship Captains in Starfleet history.

    Here is a link to the only work on the project. It was slated as a film teaser as a lead into the Axanar film. As you can see, these guys would have been a huge asset to ST: Discovery.

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