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Discussion in 'Writing' started by kancer43, May 27, 2005.

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    Here's just a couple things I wrote... not many people ever really get them...

    King Of Neverland
    Hail to the king of Neverland
    Who's also the king of my heart
    He strums the tune of my love buzz
    And drums the beat of my hate
    His daily broken promises
    Crowd my inner hopes
    He passes me his crown of dreams
    That crumbles in my hands
    He gives a reason to live
    He causes my suicidal tendencies
    Claims of his inner love for me
    That exists only in my dreams
    I love my king of Neverland
    For he makes me hate myself

    Love The Way
    I love the way you fuck me
    I love the way you lie
    I love the way you hurt me
    I love the way you cry
    I love the way you hold me
    Like I'm the only one
    I love the way you stold me
    And forgot where I was from
    I love the a you yell at me
    It makes me feel alive
    I love the way you crawl to me
    As you are now my suicide

    Dark bruises left from your inbred hypocracy
    I lay in the gold fields of my supposed supremacy
    There's a lusted aryan trapped in my mind
    I broke all the mirrors because it was betrayed by my eyes
    I demeaned myself to stay in my cave
    Bound in the inadiquecy of which I am slaved
    Fatal ethnicity, I have none
    But thanks to the races my scars have just begun

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