Jose, Can't You See? A Parody

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    Listen to the latest parody from the Peter Boyle's show
    You really need to listen it to hear how funny it is.. go on their site :laugh: :fifty:
    Jose, Can't You See? A Parody

    Lyrics by Don Wrege
    Music by Francis Scott Key

    A hasty response to "Nuestro Himno," the "Spanish version" of "The Star Spangled Banner," sung by some in honor of the nationwide illegal alien protest May 1, 2006.

    Jose' can't you see?
    You are in my country.

    You're I.D. is a fake,
    And you're here illegally.

    You have broken our laws,
    While you call it your cause.

    Sanctuary will end,
    And employers will be fined.

    You have broken our rules,
    Ruined hospitals and schools.

    You pull wages down,
    As you play us for fools.

    Go home in your beateeen-up
    Uninsured mini-van.

    Be careful with demands,
    You're illegal aliens.
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