Jon Huntsman on Social Security

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    He said he was open to changing the way annual Social Security increases are determined by changing the current cost-of-living formula. Practically speaking, he acknowledged, that means less money every month for recipients.

    He also said that it would be a good idea to raise the retirement age since people are now living longer. “Maybe take it out to the 85th percentile of the average length of life,” he said.

    Finally, he said that richer recipients don’t really need a Social Security check at all. They can afford to live without it even though they paid into the system their entire working lives. “They can afford to do otherwise,” he said.

    Huntsman said those three changes “would be a good place to start this conversation.”

    Watching the debates play themselves out, the more I see Huntsman and research his positions, it does appear that he would be more of a challenge to President Obama than the current front runners. One of the reason's behind this would be that he has a bit more cross over appeal than many of the other candidates do. While this is not to be taken as endorsement of Hunstman, more of an observation, I do like the idea of a pacific centered economic policy, considering the fact one of our lragest debt holders happens to be in that direction.

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