its time to End The War on Drugs

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    End the “War on Drugs” Moneybomb – Dan O'Connor 2012

    Marijuana is not only safer than alcohol but, less addictive than all the other legal controlled substances and, more importantly, IT CANNOT KILL YOU as, it is impossible to overdose on. Where as opiates and synthetic lab made dope are now the 2nd leading cause of Death for adults in America.
    In America today, prescription drug abuse has hit epidemic proportions and represents a clear public health crisis. 1 in 5 teens admit they use Rx drugs to get high and another 15% of all adults in the country are hopelessly addicted.
    Often times given out like candy, the pain treatment industry is one of the few sectors in the American Economy that is booming and mostly from a product that has historically been a drain on a society. Not since the Opium Wars and the subsequent .... China has so, many people in one country been addicted.
    Granted as with marijuana there, are certain cases where a patient needs an opiate but, there are undoubtedly cases where medical marijuana represents a safer alternative for a whole host of Rx drugs ... (whether they be opiates for pain or synthetic for those who are bipolar). Yet, millions of legitimately ill Americans are not only denied a natural herb of healing but, they can be severely punished for exercising their rights...Because for Cannabis users, America’s War on Drugs has been a war waged against the people of this nation. Couple this with the fact that America is now privatizing her Prisons for profit while, still enforcing police quotas where many PD's are pushed to arrest the citizenry.

    And instead of liberalizing the system with the advancement of technology and psychology, the government has instead embraced Draconian punishments like the gas chamber and solitary confinement.
    Millions of men and women are becoming more institutionalized than ever and at epidemic proportions. Amongst 18 to 28 year old's almost HALF have some sort of police record due, to petty marijuana charges or other petty crimes. Making it even harder to find a job in an already tough economic environment.

    And statistically speaking, the United States currently has more people behind bars or in the system than, the Soviet Union ever had in their gulags during the height of the Stalin Purges in the 1930’s.
    And through probation many of our country’s youth are constantly tracked, checked on, monitored, and taxed- essentially shredding the Constitution. I personally know people who are forever financially ruined due to 2 petty marijuana charges (And they were using it medicinally for cancer).
    Even most of the prominent families in America are now subject to embarrassing headlines of pot busts, public intoxication, language obscenities, etc.
    When the simple fact of the matter is... is that if Presidents George Washington or Andrew Jackson (both of whom were notorious drinkers & grew marijuana) were alive today, they would never be allowed in the military let, alone ever be a free man to run for President.

    But how long can this system last? ...And shat will it mean to this current generation's children?
    More importantly what are the socioeconomic outcomes of slavery to the state and the permanent demographics of a superpower born with the ideals of Liberty???

    Dan O'Connor For US Congress

    Please donate and help us Re-Legalize Cannabis

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