Israel and Turkey will supply Georgia with weapons??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sandyman, Dec 29, 2011.

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    WTF? USA fusses over their beloved Georgia like a small child over a new toy. Now US Congress voted for the establishment of closer military relations with Georgia involving the sale of U.S. arms to Tbilisi. And the members of the U.S. Congress would like the Obama Administration to persuade other NATO members and countries seeking accession to the alliance "to restore and increase the sales of military equipment and property and the provision of military services to Georgia as part of broader efforts to deepen NATO military relations and cooperation with Georgia".
    Wow! Those Americans have gone too far. Saakashvili finances PKK in Turkey and welcomes Kurds in Georgian training camps for the similar bandits. Turkish businessmen vanish without trace kidnapped and decapitated by Kurd militants hiding in Georgian mountain training camps. And Turkey must sell Georgians weapons for a song, you see. Yanks must think that Turks are so foolish that we would equip their utter enemies with any weapons at all by their order. And I wonder what's Israeli opinion about this American initiative. I've heard that president Saakashvili is odious anti-Semite. And Jewish businessmen suffer as much as Turkish ones in Georgia.
    Dash it NATO membership! What do we need it for?

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