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    First, and foremost, a discussion of this issue is contingent on what Sambo Obambo's stance is on Islam, Terrorism, and it's TRANSPARENT cat's paw CAIR (Council of America and Islam Relations).

    Obambo's clear and unequivocal message has been enunciated by his Brainless Stooge Janet Incompetano, Head of the Homeland Security Dept ( Our country's supposedly first line of defense against America's Enemies Within & Without). This idiot, Janet Incompetano, declared on National TV, that the terms: Jihad, Terrorist, War on Terror are OUTLAWED !!! Henceforth, Jihadists and Terrorists are deemed to be perpetrators of "man caused calamities".....And, the "WAR ON TERROR" is considered to be: "OVERSEAS CONTINGENCY PLANNING" !!!

    So, this gives us a clear and unequivocal platform to consider the additional Sambo Obambo's incredible Bullshit.

    Obambo has declarations in his book: "DREAMS FROM MY FATHER", about favouring Islam and defending that fucked up "religion" to the last. Thus, one gets a very clear understanding of Obummer's predilection for the Muslims.......his hatred of Israel, and constant appeasement of the fucking Muslims. And, the new desire to initiate talks with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The Obambo Administration has CAIR, an IslamoFascist Front, created by two Hamas leaders and/or Supporters, Omar Ahmad & Nihad Awad ........ give lectures to our Govt employees and Military as the "Moderate Voice of Islam". Having his Home Security Stooge Janet Incompetano hire top level CAIR apparatchiks into top level jobs with the Home Security is another bizarre occurrence. Plus the info on Imam Rauf in my signature statement. That should convince even the most stupid of Obummer's position w/r/t the fucking Muslims.

    Here is the link to Diana West's analysis:

    The CIA Should Be A Bit More CAIRless - Diana West - Townhall Conservative
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