Is Obama Another Dean?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by red states rule, Jun 11, 2007.

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    It seems all the hype for Obama is the same hype we had to endure with Howie Dean

    The internet support was great - but when it came time to actually do something, Dean bombed

    Canvass an early test for Obama campaign

    By John McCormick, Mike Dorning and Christi Parsons, Tribune staff reporters
    Published June 10, 2007

    The Obama campaign claimed that its national "Walk for Change" turned out more than 10,000 volunteers to more than 1,000 events covering all 50 states.

    The operation, in many cases organized by volunteers through the campaign's Web site, did not go off without hitches.

    No one appeared at the appointed hour for a canvass planned in rural Lanark, Ill., that had 12 people signed up to work. An event at a high-rise in Alexandria, Va., a Washington suburb, was abruptly canceled by the organizer, and two Obama supporters who showed up were left with nothing to do.

    But the national canvass provided the Obama campaign both a media opportunity and an early test of its ability to combine its large Internet following with its field organization to turn out the on-the-ground support that can help win early primaries and caucuses. The campaign declared itself satisfied with the results.

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