Iraq War was justified

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    Iraq War

    Reasons for war

    After the first Gulf War Iraq was to let U.N weapon inspectors inspect Iraq's weapons facilities without interference. Weapons inspector frequently inspected Iraq's weapons programs until 1998 It wasn't until 9/11 that the United States continued to force cooperation between Iraq and weapons inspectors. After 9/11 Iraq violated 17 U.N resolutions, this alone gave the United States a legal and moral justification to use military force against Iraq. By early 2003 President Bush had this on the table. Iraq violated 17 U.N resolutions, the CIA, British M6 intelligence, and Russian intelligence all said that Sadam has WMD's, and Sadam has many connections to the terror network responsible for 9/11 If you are the president and you know all this tell me that you don't take action. If you are the president are you going to let Iraq violate resolution after resolution while the rest of the world fears what he may be doing and hiding? The British Iraq intelligence committee stated that they had enough intelligence to make "well-founded" judgement that Sadam was seeking to illegally obtain Uranium from Niger. We know that Sadam used weapons of mass destruction on Iran and his own people. Do you think that Sadam really was not seeking these weapons and once he got them do you think he would target the United States? Do you think the world is not better off with Sadam out of power? If Bush would have waited not pre-emptively striking but waiting until Iraq was an imminent threat there would have been a much greater loss of life than we had now. Continue to support our troops and remember the soliders that have died in this war no doubt saved the lives of so many others.

    Bush Lied?

    Since we did not find the stockpile of WMD's that U.S intelligence and multiple other countries intelligence said Sadam had the desperate for power, wack-job left has resorted to calling Bush a liar and creating ridiculous conspiracy theories on why the U.S went to war with Iraq. More and more evidence has been surfacing of WMD's that were in Iraq including dismantled Iraqi weapons facilities in Jordan, Netherlands, and Turkey and traces of WMD's a being found in Iraq. SEN. JOHN KERRY: "t is something that we know-for instance, Saddam Hussein has used weapons of mass destruction against his own people, and there is some evidence of their efforts to try to secure these kinds of weapons and even test them." We know for a fact that Sadam had these weapons and used them before. We know he was trying to get them. and what do you think he was going to do with them: From a newspaper owned by Sadam's son Uday printed this after 9/11 "use all means-and they are numerous-against the aggressors...and considering everything American as a military target, including embassies, installations, and American companies, and to create suicide/martyr [fidaiyoon] squads to attack American military and naval bases inside and outside the region, and mine the waterways to prevent the movement of war ships..." and Sadam said this in 2000 "The Arab people have not so far fulfilled their duties. They are called upon to target U.S. and Zionist interests everywhere and target those who protect these interests." Should this rouge regime not have been considered an enemy in the war on terror. 4 independent commisions directly stated that neither George W Bush or Tony Blair lied about information of WMD's but it was faulty information that was blamed. Each commision then went on to state in the report is that neither Bush or Blair forced intelligence to incriminate Iraq. The British Iraq intelligence commision stated that even without the finding of WMD's in Iraq the war was justified. But there it was in black and white Bush didn't lie and the war was justified. I don't know what goes through the mids of these wackos on left. Would Iraq and the rest of the world be better off with Sadam still in power. Dismantling this terrible regime should be one of the greatest accomplishments of our lifetime but instead the United States is being demonized by the left. When an American hero dies in Iraq saving the lives of thousands of people they blame Bush and not the enemy. Not realizing these terrorists that we are fighting want you dead just as much as they want our soliders dead. Remember who the enemy is.

    Since the War

    "The Americans liberated the Iraqi people from a despotic regime from which they suffered a lot. The Iraqi people could not change that regime with their own hands or overthrow it with their available means. The Americans came and solved this problem quickly and easily and in a way that gladdened the Iraqis."
    Baghdad Al-Balat, an Iraqi newspaper, 6/18/03 accomplishments in 2003 that you wont see on the news

    Not to mention that the world is a much safer place without Sadam in power. The terrorists have one less rouge nation to depend on and to hide in and freedom in the middle east has spread to one more nation. One less government is seeking weapons to attack any of the U.S interests and allies and the world is one step further in the war on terror.
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