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    Got my normal e-mail thanking me for being a poll participant... and the most recent tidbit of info they included in this one is:

    Thank you for recently taking part in a Gallup Panel survey.

    Because you were willing to share your thoughts and opinions with us, we thought you might enjoy reading about some recent findings from Gallup Panel surveys.

    * When Gallup asked panelists the open-ended question, "What one country anywhere in the world do you consider to be the United States' greatest friend today?" almost two-thirds of respondents (65%) say Great Britain, England, or the United Kingdom. Only two other countries received mentions by more than 5% of panelists: Canada (14%) and Israel (6%).

    Respondents offered a few more countries when Gallup asked them who they consider to be the United States' greatest enemy currently. Forty-three percent of panelists say Iran is the United States' greatest foe, while 14% mention North Korea. Eight percent of respondents say Iraq, Afghanistan, and China are America's greatest enemies.

    I remember seeing a question on the first point they give results for... I don't remember a question about the second... that seems to happen a lot

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