Incidents where ppl successfully defended themselves with firearms

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    From the NRA site. Each example is attributed to the source from whence they pulled it:

    NRA member Vernon Allen was watching television when an unknown male darted into his apartment. According to police, it was the third residence the suspect had unlawfully entered that evening. Allen asked the suspect, who mumbled unintelligibly, if he needed help. The suspect responded by raising his fist in a threatening manner. Allen retreated to the bedroom, got his 12-gauge shotgun and told the intruder to get out. But the suspect ignored him, instead advancing and trying to grab the shotgun's barrel. "When he grabbed the barrel of that shotgun," Allen recalls, "I had to make a choice so I pulled the trigger on him." The suspect was killed. (Morris Sun Tribune, Morris, MN, 06/21/09)

    Gaylord Cox, an 82-year-old church minister, was sleeping when a young man knocked on his bedroom window. The juvenile, who unbeknownst to Cox had recently escaped from a detention center, said he needed to use the phone because his car had broken down. Cox said he would meet him at the front door. As a precaution, Cox placed a .38-cal. revolver in his pocket before letting the juvenile inside. Police say the suspect used the phone, then immediately turned and sucker-punched the older, weaker Cox in the face, knocking him to the floor. Cox sat up, drew his pistol and fired one shot, causing his assailant to flee. The youth was apprehended nearby. (Morning Journal, Lisbon, OH, 06/16/09)


    Hearing footsteps, a 50-year-old woman assumed her mother had returned home from work. When she called out but received no answer, she investigated. The footsteps belonged not to her mother, but a convicted felon wielding a knife and a gun. He threatened the woman, who attempted to appease him with cash and liquor, but his threats only grew more violent. After 30 horrible minutes, the woman's mother, 77-year-old Doris Gatchell, returned home. She proved to be a woman of action. "When someone comes into your house and threatens you, you don't have to tolerate that," Gatchell said. "I have taken a course in gun safety. I knew what to do." Police say Gatchell got her gun and ordered the suspect to leave the house. He promptly ran out the front door. " ... It is a good thing to take a gun safety course and I recommend it for everyone, particularly women in this day and age," Gatchell added. (Calais Advertiser, Calais, Maine, 06/18/09)

    About a year ago, Elliott Firby and his wife grew concerned about increasing crime, so they purchased their first firearms and obtained concealed-carry permits. "You have to do something to protect yourself," Firby said. "The police can't be there all the time." Firby began carrying his .380-cal. handgun regularly. He was glad he carried it one evening when a man leapt from a truck and accosted him. Police say the suspect pointed a shotgun at Firby, but chose polite words to announce the armed robbery. "Give it up, sir," he said. Firby slowly went to his knees, pretending to comply, before drawing his handgun in a fast, smooth motion and firing two shots. The suspect and his accomplice were arrested at the hospital when he sought treatment for a gunshot wound. (Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, FL, 06/12/09)
    Armed Citizen

    Despite the many enemies of the NRA, to my knowledge no one has ever accused them of "fabricating" these stories...because they always attribute them to outside sources.

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