In The Jungle. . .The MMM-Bah (MBA) Sleep Tonight!

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    Anyone recalls that two years ago, Her Majesty's Prime Minister had tried so very hard at Davos: To remind the assembled, formerly colonial, aboriginies: Of the Great Socialist Victories of The Credit Market!

    Dead Canadian Media Theorist, Marshall McLuhan, is himself no longer late for anything. From the famous Former Colonies, of 1776, there is clearly no similar excuse. Neither Marshall McLuhan, nor the Lower Northern American 48, were in attendance.

    Marshall McLuhan was Catholic and understood about keeping the one wife. In the North American region, the lower 48, in contrast, the taking of many wives is normative ritual. Marshall McLuhan had suggested that the real impact of television in fact would be "tribal." And so possibly the Ivy League, now famous for it's. . . .educated people: Could somehow be held harmless in the creation of the "business classes," of the more Schvartz Ph.d., MBA, degree. It is easily of the African, tribal pronunciation: MMM-Bah!

    The retention of things, tends further to define the ritual of the MMM-Bah: Especially when others have less things. There is further the characteristic , techno-dialect of the tribally-inclined. Tribal Islanders have many words, for "surf," millions know. The MMM-Bah have many and clever words, such as "derivatives," and what-not, for business instruments.

    Millions know that school is upon the Northern Hemisphere again. Initial Unemployment Claims rose this year's August, just like last year's August, although unadjusted claims fell this August, just like last year's August.

    The MMM-Bah are especially good at following that, following even the practice of famous, Idi Amin, DaDa: Reportedly who also knew that some kids are better than other kids, and that all the other kids are not worth the extra effort. Schools understand about that.

    Notably, the more properly British of the Socialist Europeans: Know about getting on with their lives: And even why!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Jewish people go to these places, now more or less exclusively in The Colonies!)

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