In defense of Acorn--or--What is wrong with foreign Child Prostitution ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by amrchaos, Sep 18, 2009.

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    Let us be clear. there is no organization that does not have at least one corrupt individual in it. The Catholics have Child molesting priests. The Republican's have Child molesting priests. Pat Roberts maybe a child molesting Priest. Do we criticize them. Of course!! But that does not mean that every member is corrupt, just the child molesting priests.

    Now I must ask, Do you want your priest to molest your child, or should we import children trained in the sex arts to serve the desires of your moral leaders? If you prefer someone elses child to be molested than yours, then ACORN is definitely the group for you. Think, if this Acorn group were succesful in importing several 13 year olds to the California area, child molesting by priests could have dropped by a drastic amount!! The attack by those biased journalists constantly supported by that Alcoholic Glenn Beck destroyed the potential of honest American to keep their children innocent??

    I ask, was this really a good thing? Or was the Beckophiles to franatic for their myopic pursuit of justice and the American way--for illegal immigrant child Prostitutes??

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