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Mar 28, 1953 (Age: 65)

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Viewing thread The Republican Party has become a symbol of human depravity, Jun 23, 2018 at 10:37 PM
    1. Compost
      Tell us about your relationship with Jesus. You must have one. Over and over you post things attempting to compare His teachings to what "republicans" are doing. Tell us, what are His teachings? What are you doing to carry out His teachings?
    2. Lumpy 1
      Lumpy 1
      Eh, just exploring and thought while I was here I'd say Hi...

      Soo umm .. not much on the Given huh, well.. see you around...
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    Mar 28, 1953 (Age: 65)


    Shake a tree in the Forest of Trump and out falls a Russian. Eric Swalwell
    Republicans insist the Democrats aren't listening. As if listening to their hate and racism will make you change into one of them. We're hearing the Republicans. Loud and clear. We just don't like what we are hearing.
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