Importance of SHABA-E-BARAT in Muslim’s followers life

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    Importance of SHABA-E-BARAT in Muslim’s followers life

    I was to share what is importance of SHABA-E-BARAT NIGHT n DAY in the Muslim followers life once a year. It is the most important night after Shaba-e-Qadar holy month of Ramzan.

    In this night all Muslims who did sin and now want to change his life style than forgive and pray in this special night of SHABA-E-BARAT and pray to God give courage that do not go for the same sin or repeat again.

    If anyone Muslims followers keep fasting in 15th Shaban SHABA-E-BARAT as 60 years worship in the God.

    Do not forget your passed family members, relatives, friends and well wishers they are eager for your dua, sadak and other deed to get some relief for the sin punishment they are facing, due to your good deed and sadak in the entire life but specially in shaban and Ramzan mush helpful to those who died.

    I must say those who are luckily utilize this entire day in the teaching of Islam but shame on those no matter who is teenage, adult or elderly but lost the importance of this holy night n day and do not gain any benefit for himself or dead people are suppose the worst unluckily people on this world.

    Pray to God first to secure from Hell and do not burn in fire, this is very important night n day utilize and get maximum benefit and deed as you can and do not forget to remember me too sinful in this occasion.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    Ashfaq Sharif

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