I belong to the Dispassionate party.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by uscitizen, Feb 8, 2012.

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    We need less theatrics in politics and government.

    for instance, less barking like dogs by leading political figures.

    The dispassionate party's platform.
    Actually constructively discusses with a goal of resolving problems facing my nation and it's people.

    Take a long term planning approach to managing our nation in all aspects.

    Only one punishment for corrupt elected officials.

    Paid lobbyists to be banned and lobbying to be made a felony.

    Congress must vote to continue any military action beyond 30 days and declare it a war if it lasts over 6 months.

    Personal income tax will be pure flat. ALL personal income taxed the same at a flat rate with NO deductions.

    The budget must be balanced and the debt gradually paid off.

    Corporate income tax would also be a flat rate %.

    And no income tax carry over credits.

    More to come I am just an emerging party.

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