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    Should have read the OP first:

    let's boil it down:
    "Not just the rich, native born, white, heterosexual, Christian, males." and "oppression"

    what century are you living in? Are you rewriting some left wing commie rag?
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    National Freedmen's Town District
    Dear Dante and TheProgressivePatriot
    Would it help to speak in more specifics.
    Let's talk about the uproar caused by Donald Trump as one of these "stereotypical rich straight white people"
    who believes the solution to stopping illegal immigration is to start by building a wall as a symbol of NO.

    OK, so what is going to stop the
    * illegal trafficking
    * sweatshop and sex slave market
    * gangs, cults and drug addiction and demand
    * exploitation of poor workers with no claim to land to
    get out the cycle of poverty, oppression and economic/political disparity

    Just building a wall does not solve any of the causes or context around the problems.
    Why not build city-states for the displaced workers to claim legal residency?

    I am presenting the proposal to build educational and service internship complexes,
    including military prisons, teaching hospitals and production facilities to replace sweatshops
    and bring production back to the US Mexican border:
    Earned Amnesty
    based on the sustainable campus model
    created, authored and passed into federal law
    by POOR BLACK public housing tenants and volunteers

    Dante and @TheProgressPatriot
    I would be HONORED like there is no tomorrow but today
    if you would join me in issuing a Public Challenge and BET
    to Donald Trump that this campus solution would bring together
    poor and rich, black and white, left and right on correcting the
    problems with crime, trafficking, drugs illegal immigration and other
    corporate civil and criminal abuses violations and corruption.

    I would like to make a 10 million dollar bet it will work
    better than just mouthing off about building a wall.

    And if this solution works better, then Trump would be
    in charge of organizing the financing of it, through microloans
    or restitution paid back for convicted violations, where the
    workers and immigrants who want to earn legal status can
    invest their resources and OWN the property and programs as shareholders
    and legal citizens under an organized business plan monitored through
    a school program similar to work-study registration and student loans.

    He can be in charge of a solution, if we can prove this works better
    than merely punitive measures that don't solve the economic or political problems
    causing the glut and trafficking across our borders, affecting people worldwide.

    Wanna make a bet? That regardless of people's views of poor minorities
    or rich corporate conglomerates, we CAN work together and solve the problems ANYWAY.

    Our love of our country and fellow man is GREATER than our differences.
    we cannot let this differences stand in the way of working solutions,
    when it is our differences that makes us such a rich, diverse nation.

    Thanks and hats off to you!
    Tell me if you are ready to do this, and we'll do it.

    I've got friends with public radio ready to take on
    big things, so why not???[/QUOTE]
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    National Freedmen's Town District
    Hey D RE what century we're in.
    What about what State?

    I live in Texas where the Confederate Southern Cross is one of the
    historic Six Flags over Texas.
    The reality I live in every day, which has its strengths,
    is the very one being attacked in the media,
    The Good O'l Boy Conservative mentality to let all the different
    groups do whatever they want on their own
    and keep political agenda out of govt.

    And my own boyfriend gets jumped on for being one of
    these white males towing the GOP party line (even though
    he is NOT Republican and NOT Christian).

    When I bring up Constitutional education as a Democrat

    So this is the culture gap, the reality we are talking about.
    I live that every day, and even have an entire thread on here
    dedicated to accusing me of being a White Racist for
    even suggesting reorganizing Freedmen's Town as a
    base for training minorities in Constitutional govt and
    financial/business management on a longterm sustainable basis.

    That was just too "WHITE" an idea to come from
    someone claiming to be an Asian volunteering in
    a national historic Freed Slave church district.

    Whatever this "WHITE" culture is, Dante,
    people are yelling about it and projecting blame
    for the economic and political disparity it REPRESENTS.

    Regardless if it is REAL, it REPRESENTS the mentality and
    the DIVISION going on, and we need to address THAT problem.

    I've even been accused of enabling or becoming engrained
    in it myself, whatever this rightwing Republican WHITE thing is.

    G.T. and Impenitent both jumped on me and now
    have given up arguing with me about it.

    Whatever this is, real or imagined, I am even
    being ACCUSED of promoting it, this white bigotry
    anti-cultural diversity mindset that projects
    "white man's culture" onto everyone else.

    Everyone projects their expectations and values,
    but it's the White culture that is jumped on for
    being too dominating and precluding equal value on any others.

    Like if you have a group of people, whether lost in the hall at jury duty
    or running a meeting where the person who was supposed to lead didn't show up,
    they automatically turn to the older White man in the group to take charge
    and follow his instructions what to do.

    Why is that? I don't know but that is what people are talking about.
    THAT predominance or social conditioning expecting White Men to be in charge.

    Still happens to this day.
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