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    Health Care: Running Out of Options - Swampland -

    :doubt: Well!!! he could start off by booting the big wig insurance companies in the pocket books and tell them to stop hoarding and charging so much. Get rid of the illegals, and start taking care of us and our hard working legal immigrants. Stop screwing around with the Medicare programs, for the Seniors and disabled, and medical insurance for the poor and disabled. Stop jacking up the co-payment for medicine and medical care, for those who can barely afford the cost.Un-Employed(Out of a job) Seniors, and Poor and disabled. And stop filling the pockets of High Cost insurance companies. I have heard, that some pharmacies create their own prices for medicine, and then, every time you get a refill, of that same medicine, they charge you more than the last time, instead of the price they gave in the beginning. So in a way,the Pharmacies are ripping you off as well, and pocket the rest.:(

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