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    ...seem to drive the political spectrum in the USA. There's no secret about the love/hate relationship going on between the DNC/GOP rank & file market. Political differences between candidates such as Mitt Romney & president Obama are few if any at all. Yet one would think the rank & file constituency of both the above mentioned parties think the 'diff' between the two politicians is the difference between life & death.
    Might I add that the "My Team" mentality seems to have been well fostered by the behind the scenes constituency masters that run the GOP/DNC organizations. A case of study in the us vs them mentality is the DNC anti gun agenda(my team mentality) VERSUS the GOP pro gun agenda(my team mentality) fostered ideological war. Both sides of the 'us vs them' anti/pro gun political wars are engaging in a 'hyped' non existent problem that has zero effect upon individuals & society as crime is crime regardless of the weapon used. Sure makes a LOT of money for Handgun Control Inc & also the NRA though!
    Pathos induced propaganda of... "guns will be the end of mankind" are as ridiculous as the "same sex activity will destroy society", & are just two examples of tactics used by the behind the scenes manipulators on the gullible American rank & file constituency... to promote their divide & conquer strategy. The same can be said for the the anti/pro LGBT hyped political battles as the anti/pro gun political battles... both are simply non issues. Sure, an LGBT individual somewhere may molest/murder a child, just as a person with a criminal mind may rape & shoot someone with a firearm... sad as it is. Crime has no social barriers.
    Using the above as an obvious example I must ask... do you know a victim of the 'us vs them', 'group identity, 'societal paranoia' crowd? If so, have you ever tried to reason with a person that has completely closed their mind to the obvious??? I've tried it before but it's like trying to talk to a record... the record just keeps playing the same tune. Has anyone found a way to open up the closed minds of the paranoid among society? My specialty is sociology not psych.
    As a historical sociologist I can study mankind's past in group to predict mankind's future actions in group(societal nature is cyclic). Trying to unlock an individuals closed mind so they can once again think on their own merits is quite a different proposition. Anyone out there with the key to unlocking closed minds???

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