Great Socialist Intervention To Commence in Europe -- GOP Tea Party Opposed!

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    In Socialist-World, it is widely known that money is no longer commodity-based, but is credit-market based. The Total U. S. Credit Market approaches $55.0 tril., with the federal deficit: Not much of it. Central banks can intervene and regulate through use of interest rate policy,

    European inflation has abated, so just when the EuroZone needs the Lubrication--eventually to become excited with more stimulation--the interest rates can come down.

    Euro zone inflation dips, opens door to ECB cut - Yahoo! Finance

    In the Party of Abraham Lincoln, in contrast--Texas Governors famously find U. S. Federal Reserve policy: A hanging offense, notablly treason. The unregulated, laissez-faire economies of Haiti and East Africa in Drought are preferred. Even oceanic venture piracy is preferred as appropriate market response. Haiti famously didn't even have any building codes: So blatantly laissez-faire it was and is!

    The Republicans appear to be set to contend that wealth originates of unregulated markets, like in Haiti and East Africa--their business climate models for all to see. The Democrats appear to be set to contend that wealth originates of credit market, socialist, economics--Keynesian lubrications, and the excitement of stimulations: And regulated more to a Widespread Wealth Worldwide kind of outcome.

    Many who regard U. S. Immigration policy, a source of a Civilization Without Borders--aka, an anarchy--will have to pause and note their contention is for government intervention into the worldwide market-place of Labor. An anarchy clearly does not exist as an outcome of Worldwide Laissez-Faire, but in fact tends to be socialist of origins, and follows from the consequent, Widespread Wealth Worldwide!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (S&P managed to downgrade U. S. debt, based on the Bush Tax Cuts of those years. Europe famously needs no tax cuts, simply just reliant on their penchant for not paying any due. S&P managed to downgrade a lot of U. S. debt!)

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