Great News: Governor Palin Leads The 2012 GOP Texas Primary

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    Isn't this great news to read? This is a sign of things to come. Palin has good values and common sense. She has a good record as governor and she has been vetted to the max unlike Obama who was never vetted. Also she is pro-Oil and Gas and that is what this country needs.......more drilling. She will do fine because she connects with the average citizen and she understands how middle America works. Governor Palin Leads the 2012 GOP Texas Primary

    She leads the 2012 Texas GOP presidential primary:

    Palin 20% Gingrich 15% Huckabee 13% Romney 13% Paul 8% Perry 7% Bush 3% Barbour 2% Pawlenty 1%

    The crosstabs show her leading the field among rural and suburban voters. She leads among those with a 4-year college degree.

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