Gold Heist: NY/Holland/Germany (Art Degree?)

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    Does modern commerce (and global assets) create a special kind of intellectual imagination?



    A number of public tours are offered by the New York Fed to showcase the awesome underground gold vaults housing an impressive amount of gold bars. These tours are exciting and tourists flock to witness the majesty of world treasuries. The gold is from multiple groups and nations and there is said to be an auxiliary vault nearby the main vault.


    A terrorist and even a normal American citizen might be curious about the value and importance of this gold housing. They might want to go on these tours, even though they're terrorists/celebrities. After all, gold makes the world go round. You can therefore imagine the modern appeal of group-heist comedy-adventure movies such as Ocean's Eleven (there are two of them in fact, the original Frank Sinatra film and the new George Clooney film).


    As that is all understood, imagine then that a special group of tourists are perusing the New York Fed gold vaults during one of the public tours. Only, some members of this group (invited specially by President Donald Trump) happen to be gold thieves planning a theft (surprisingly from the auxiliary vault) and moving the gold from New York to an underground 'cellar' beneath the Van Gogh art museum in Amsterdam (Netherlands). The purpose is to keep the gold underneath the art museum as a symbolic 'time capsule' of the world's wealth and eventually take a sufficient portion of it to retire in Frankfurt (Germany) where the hospitality/culture is offbeat and cozy. Gold appeals to the cultural aesthetics in all of us.


    Art is of great importance to humanity. Art can soothe insanity and art can redeem a criminal trying to use creativity to lift his/her spirit out of the realms of darkness and sin. The Van Gogh art museum in Amsterdam is iconic and beautiful. It houses some of the most sacred/treasured works of the great Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh who never saw the kind of fame his art was worthy of during his own lifetime. You can see why then a group of imaginative gold thieves would want to store precious stolen gold underneath the Van Gogh art museum. Why did George Clooney make the Nazi art-silo intrigue film The Monuments Men (with co-star Matt Damon from Ocean's Eleven)?


    So our clever and ambitious gold thieves are part of the gold vault public tour in New York. They take the subway to the tour and pretend they're travelling separately. They suspect that the main vault and the auxiliary vault are connected by a tunnel and that security guards are situated in that tunnel. They decide to find the tunnel, take out the guards with tear-gas, and then enter the auxiliary vault for the gold they want to steal. They decide to pose as journalists from three different European magazines here to see the gold in the New York Fed main vault and they blackmail the tour-guide to allow them to stay behind in the vault tour area after the other tourists leave. They use explosives, find the tunnel connecting to the auxiliary vault, enter and take the gold and store it in duffel-bags and then board the subway again and head to Canada (before flying to Amsterdam).


    Amsterdam is a rich and eccentric nation, and our hypothetical gold thieves blend into Dutch nightlife after hiding their stolen gold beneath the Van Gogh art museum. The gold thieves attend lavish costume parties in Amsterdam and take in the café culture and the hashish culture and generally enjoy life. They intend to live out their lives as 'capitalism-jesters' of burglary-diplomats (as thievery seems to be quite the 'rage' in our modern age of commerce and treasuries --- e.g., Bonnie & Clyde, Heat, The Town, Dollars, Goldfinger, etc.).


    A representative of the NY Fed responsible for overseeing the transactions between the U.S. Treasury and foreign governments in the handling, accounting, and transportation of the gold decides to issue a formal statement declaring that the inventory of gold in New York and the gold shared/transported to England, the Netherlands, and Italy, and India too symbolize new age commerce-highway securities regarding the valuation of shared commodities. Gold can be a diplomatic feather, in other words, and our hypothetical female representative speaks for the U.S. government in assuring the people that the treasured gold is in no way 'non-political.' So our gold thieves are in danger of becoming 'anti-civilization outlaws.'


    After the heist is completed, the gold thieves become infamous though no one knows of their identities. They've disappeared into the crowds of Frankfurt (Germany) where they've retired as saloon co-owners. They plan to invest their money in the NYSE-Euronext, and meanwhile, Spielberg is directing a film about their shocking heist titled The Underground Railroad and starring Leo DiCaprio, Dennis Quaid, and Tom Hardy. Is all this 'gold luster' therefore sociocultural/political...or some kind of modern histrionics-art? You decide. Welcome to the world.




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