Gold and Silver Are Sounding The Alarm

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    [ame=]YouTube - Gold and Silver Are Sounding The Alarm[/ame]

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    How Gold and Silver are Warning U.S.

    Gold is Sounding an Alarm Few in the Mainstream Media Want to Discuss

    The questions is - Why are Gold and Silver Price Alarms going off?

    First, Western World budget deficits are now totally uncontrolled. Debt is esentially destroying the Western World

    Second, The Obama administration has saddled us with enough debt at the federal level to last three generations all in the name of "stimulus".

    Third, The US Federal Reserve is Insolvent and Bankrupt They have flooded the system with liquidity through Quantitative Easing

    They have loaded their balance sheet with worthless loan paper and reduced interest rates to 0% for over 20 months

    And What have been the results? Paralyzed job growth., record unemployment, record food stamps, and record poverty levels.

    Gold and Silver are sounding the Alarm, but Food and Energy price increases will soon follow.

    The face of Inflation has recently reared its ugly head in commodity prices.

    The Commodity sector is driving food prices to levels not seen since 2008. (Graph of Commodities prices)

    When higher commodity

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