Gillibrand: Screw What Was Good For Women - Pushing Franken To Resign Good For Dems

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    Another moment of accidental honesty for Democrats / a 2020 hopeful...

    "Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.) defended her decision to call on former Democratic colleague Al Franken to resign in 2017, saying in a new interview the decision helped Democrats win the 2018 midterms.

    Gillibrand was the first Democrat to call on the Minnesota senator to resign following multiple accusations of sexual misconduct and groping. The rest of the caucus soon followed, and Franken, a popular figure among staunch liberals, reluctantly
    stepped aside.

    However, some Democrats
    quietly regretted they so quickly moved for Franken to resign without an investigation, and more than a dozen major Democratic bundlers and fundraisers told Politico last year they would not support Gillibrand because of her role in pushing Franken out."

    1. Democrats / Gillibrand moved against Franken NOT because she thought he was a pig and the best thing he could do for women was resign but because his doing so would help manipulate voters into thinking Democrats care for them.

    2. Democrats quickly regretted demanding Franken resign for illegally groping women...because their Leftist bundlers and fund raisers did not approve.

    Gillibrand: Pushing Franken to Resign Was Good Politics for Democrats

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    That is usually their prime consideration.

    If they don't help perpetuate their Party the Democrats would cease to exist, as they no longer make enough sense to voters to be supported on the merits of their Party without lots of self-serving efforts and voter manipulation.
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