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Discussion in 'Military' started by Semper Fi, Jul 23, 2005.

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    Nov 25, 2003
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    For all the people who think the families of deployed soldiers dont support the war, listen up.

    My dad is deployed for 12 months. My views on President Bush, the Iraq war and the GWOT haven't changed a bit. It hasnt changed the opinions of my mother or bother either. My dad, while he would like to be home, didnt complain one bit from the time he found out he left to when he boarded the plane. He supports the war, having been a Gulf War Veteran and seeing first hand a mass burial site employed by Hussein.

    It hasnt torn apart my family. Sure I'd like to have the old man around but I've adapted as well as the rest of my family, and there hasnt been anything yet that we couldnt handle.

    Its not just my family either. The entire battalions FRG is very patriotic and supportive of the Iraq War.

    Just thought I'd clear up some lies some of you may have been hearing. Thanks for listening.
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    Nov 22, 2003
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    Semper Fi, your post reflects what I've been reading over and over again through the milnet blogs. Would everyone love to have all their family home and safe? Yes. Would the men and women that serve rather be home? Yes. Would they all trade what they are doing for those justified desires? No.

    The understand something that escapes those that criticize them so often. Duty and honor and a bigger vision than themselves. Personally I would say that most of them were raised that way, though some came to it on their own.

    The ignorant will never appreciate them. Whether it be the moonbats on the left who hate the military; or some on the right, who would use the troops for political reasons, (No, I do NOT mean Bush).

    For one, I wish there were better ways to say thank you to the families that support these men and women. I wish their were better ways to thank the men and women who risk the small things and the great things, out of love of country and their fellow man.

    I do what I can, as an individual and as a teacher that can 'mobilize' letter/card/care packages to the troops. I buy at stores that donate back to the troop's families in my state. I write letters to my representatives to let them know that we have to do more than SAY, "We Support the Troops."

    Anyways, my thanks to you Semper Fi, to your mom and sibling(s), and to your dad. Many thanks and may he stay safe and protected.

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