First Order Of Business For Zimmerman's New Lawyer: Get Rid of 'Black Friend'

Discussion in 'Law and Justice System' started by MarcATL, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Zimmerman's "black friend" Joe Oliver was asked to kindly step aside and not do any more "help"

    Joe Oliver, George Zimmerman's 'friend', no longer his media advisor

    As you can see from the link, Lawrence O'Donnell absolutely tore him a new one when he went on that show.

    No matter who the Zimmerman defense teams brings up as a proxy for the killer, any good interviewer will rip them apart. Their stories are all full of holes.

    I believe that's why the new lawyer put the kibosh on Joe Oliver. Something tells me we'll see a lot less Zimmerman proxies in the media. Seems the new lawyer has enough sense to know that shat isn't flying.

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