FBI wants ISP's to track user activity...

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by insein, Oct 18, 2006.

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    Get ready people. If the government wants to know your every movement on the internet its for a reason. So if you ever made an accidental trip to a porn site, or checked out an anti-American site from the middle east, you might want to stop using the internet now.


    In the name of "protecting the kids" they will seize control of the internet and will never release it. Why do you think they want to control the internet so bad? The broadcast media basically does their bidding through the FCC. So if there is something they deem "offensive" they can remove it through some context. The internet is basically the Wild West. There is no overall control. There are a few rules here and there but the government doesnt control the internet because people won't let them control the internet.

    So what do they do for everything? Make it an issue about "protecting the kids" and then everyone is on board. "Kids will be killed by the internet predators? Then we better let the government control all aspects of the internet to protect our kids cause we're too stupid to do so." Can't fucking wait till sites like these are a thing of the past because new internet hate speech laws will restrict any thoughts that arent in line with what the government deems "inoffensive." :rolleyes:

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