FBI and DOJ Officials “Scrambling to Respond” To Declassification Directives…

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    The rats are scurrying to figure out how to save their butts after the president blindsided them with his order. They will use every wile they can to cover up anything incriminating them in an unwarranted attack on a political figure – a president they see as illegitimate.

    First, the article:

    WASHINGTON — U.S. intelligence officials, blindsided by President Donald Trump’s order that they make public highly sensitive files in the Russia investigation, are hoping the White House will allow them to conduct a formal declassification review and damage assessment before they are forced to release the documents, current and former officials tell NBC News. Senior executives at the FBI, Justice Department and Office of the Director of National intelligence were scrambling Tuesday to respond after being taken by surprise by a White House press release Monday directing them to release classified material they had previously determined should not be made public. (more)
    Much more @ Report: FBI and DOJ Officials “Scrambling to Respond” To Declassification Directives…

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