Exodus: Modernized Devil-Staff (Comics)

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    This is a modernism dystopian Rapture-vignette inspired by the films Logan's Run and Barbarella comics.

    It's a comics-adaptation, since comics speak to a new age pedestrian fascination with civics daydreams (e.g., Maniac Cop)!



    Enter the labyrinth of mirrors and passages, a maze of pure insanity, and you'll find the AntiChrist waiting for you. Leave behind your conceptions of vanity and humility, for all that is here is patience and doom for those who lack it. You must believe in the construction of the maze, for if you make light of its logic, you will fall behind the pace you need to maintain to pursue the AntiChrist.


    This maze is designed to make you think about what comprises ethics and virtue and systematic efficient intelligence. Such thinking will enhance your studies and meditation about the value of Jesus Christ, but if you fail (because of arrogance or gluttony), you will be subject to de-resolution (a fancy term for basic ostracism from the kingdom of heaven). Of course, if you are satisfied being a minion of hell, then you have less to lose and more motivation to betray other players/runners in this maze! Good luck...


    You will notice holograms of incredibly alluring women. Some of these women are indeed angels/muses of light and happiness, while others are simply and purely holograms indicating the reality of complete moral ruin at the hands of proverbial lust. The AntiChrist keeps these images of translucent women as his 'gate-keepers' of vanity, and if you do not heed this warning, you will succumb to their irresistible elegance. So your first task is to heed the advice of the image-woman you've chosen to decide your course/path in the maze. Decide quickly.


    As you know, each runner/player in this maze is fitted with a special outfit/helmet designed to make him more speedy and agile. If you remove any piece of this outfit, your chances at moral survival and competitive aggrandizement diminish. You must consider how your uniform/outfit, specially made for each runner/player is compatible (in some way you must decide) with the image-woman you've chosen. Remember that your performance in the maze reflects our consciousness regarding how well you 'fit' into your outfit/costume/uniform. Do not touch any of the other runners/players. Any violation of the rules will be noted and demerits with serious moral consequence will be handed out.


    The Bible tells us, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." Remember this advice when you pursue the AntiChrist in this maze, for any desire to betray the other runners/players (your competitors) will seriously affect your ability to efficiently meditate on your own survival. Therefore, decisions to betray your competitors reflects your supposed (and assumed) pre-conceived decision to be a permanent minion of hell. There are no loyalty clauses, only omens regarding the profitability of self-awareness!


    The logic of this maze reflects the electronic grid-efficiency of the real modern world, a world governed by high-speed communications, lightning-fast commerce, and virtual time-travel regarding the transmission of information and stimuli. In other words, the maze is a 'parallax' of the modern cyber-Earth that is a 'model' for all fears regarding the timeline of the future. There is no Fountain of Youth or magical Lady of the Lake. There is only lust, bigotry, devotion, courage, and wits. Remembering how the real world is 'imprinted' onto the maze increases your chances of sensitively gauging the wise course-of-action regarding where to go and what to do. You may find you need to re-energize or grab treasures before your competitors can, so if you're blithe to all the moral temptations, you will see doom.


    All victors and individuals who exit the maze as some kind of surviving competitor will be transported either to heaven (as a faithful 'servant') or to hell (as a betraying Machiavellian 'minion'). Your 'escorts' (our hand-selected guardsmen) will guide you out and will be aware who is going to heaven and who is going to hell, so do not doubt that they are there to help you find your way out. Simply do not question your fate once you exit the maze, should you be able to actually exit. We've found that most runners/players simply give up while running/competing (and that is fine, but it does not warrant any special recognition!). The survivors will be boarded on two planes --- one going to Geneva (the United Nations) and the other going to Hong Kong (at a special commerce awards conference).


    The faithful servants (those destined for heaven) will find invitations from Satan to make 'peace' with God (regardless of their yearning to compete/win in this AntiChrist maze) by creating sculptures, drawings, or even simple child-like personalized poems about what they conceive of when they imagine beauty, grace, and the delight of seeing real women of real moral trustworthiness (in contrast to the image-women they encountered in the maze). Our advice is that you accept this invitation and create these works of praise and devotion. One faithful servant in our past competition (a man named Drew Bledsoe) decided to make a gorgeous sculpture (dedicated to God) of Mary Magdalene, maidservant of Jesus Christ.


    You must keep your involvement in this competition a complete secret. You will hear from us again (every now and then) through subtle messages placed in TV ads during important/symbolic American films or sporting events such as the Super Bowl. For example, during Super Bowl 52, if the New England Patriots (heavy-favorites) face the gritty-scrappy Philadelphia Eagles (competing without their star QB Carson Wentz who is out for the season with an injury), you might notice a Super Bowl ad about the thrill of seeing underdogs challenging the might of heavy-favorites. Consider how these subliminal messages remind you of the sheer elegance of the American Dream and the ominous nightmare of simply and completely turning to evil. This is God's new vision of a 'modernized Exodus.'



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