Even Diplomat GOP Candidate Huntsman Will Not Go It Alone! Except In NH(?)!

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    George Bush II, Term I & II, did know a thing or two about sitting things out. There was school, the Vietnam War, The National Guard, and even reason itself, when it came to NIE's.

    Obama Administration Diplomat Hunstman. . . .who. . . .missed the Iowa debates: Did not send the message that he intends to spend a lot of good, hardly-earned, Mormon money--on a go -it-alone, Third Party campaign, however! Salt Lake City, in fact, is apparently among the first to yawn at the news(?): Which is not like Yuan, at the news(?)! (Some Chinese even other people know(?)!)

    Huntsman rules out third-party bid | The Salt Lake Tribune

    Ron Paul is also not planning, in announcements, so far: To be expected to create a Third Party campaign.

    If Huntsman was at all able--to spot a Chinese yen for more yuan (spending)--for the masses: He Himself has not so noted what millions worldwide have noted. Ron Paul is able to note that the U.S.A. cannot be the judge of who is right, and who is wrong, in any international events. Even the Ron Paul concept of the role of U. S. foreign aid--Taking money from the poor in the United States, and giving it to the rich in the poor nations of the earth: Would not lead him to a concept credible, of forming a Third Party Campaign.

    If only the Republican Party would come on board with Ron Paul's analysis of what makes the Ivy League. . .avoid all work(?): Then even he might endorse one of them! He has indirectly been able to critique the entire liberal, economic, lubrication program. There is something flawed about taking all the money from the poor, and delivering it to the government employed--leaving no tax base behind!

    Government jobs are now being discussed as among the most expensive to fund. Now if even Huntsman could explain that in China that probably applies. . . .then maybe even war with Pakistan would make better sense(?)!

    The Republicans are so-like, searching for anwers!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Old, Clinton Squaw made fun of Putin election! Clinton's, however, know about the benefits of government largesse, first-hand!)

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