Enforcement "first" pt 2

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    We went into Iraq, illegal killed thousands and misplaced millions of Muslims, Jews and Christians that will never be able to go home. They don’t have a home to go to or they will be killed if they return. And many countries do not want to give them a home.
    Mexicans were not forced from their homes and most have homes and families to go home to. Iraqis don’t.
    Mexicans are greedy and self centered people and it’s time for them to go home and make a better Mexico for all Mexicans.
    Muslins, Jews and Christians Iraqis were driven out and into countries they did not know and did not want them. These are the people Lady Liberty is beaconing to come and we won’t let them.
    Drug cartels are destroying Mexico and young men and women here will not do the right and patriotic thing and go home and help clean up Mexico and most of them have home and family in Mexico. They need to do the right thing and go home. This is not their home and they don’t get to stay just because they have anchor babies and have been here for years. Jews, Christians and Muslims have been miss-placed from their home for 10 years and some want to go home and will never be able to go home.
    Our government give people the right to come here and not GOD. No one have to right to invade and occupy a country. We do not have “squatters” “land grabbing” and “homesteading” rights any more. We are told since they are here we have to let the stay because we cannot or it would cost too much to round up and deport 20 million people and some of us believe this BOS.

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