Energy Maverick Salma Okonkwo is set to build Ghana’s largest solar farm

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    As an emerging market, Africa needs adequate electricity to support industrialisation and development. The 48-year-old entrepreneur Salma Okonkwo is one of the few women heading an oil and gas company. Her UBI Group is the first indigenous, fully integrated downstream petroleum company in Ghana and the West African sub-region. She is now expanding her reach across Ghana’s energy industry by building what could be one of Africa’s largest solar power farms, calling it Blue Power Energy.

    According to the company’s website, Blue Power Energy is an energy service company specialising in renewable energy. It is geared to Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa’s economic growth through providing electricity by developing a large-scale solar photovoltaic farm to power more than 60% of Ghana’s land area.

    Okonkwo told Forbes, “I don’t stop when the door is being shut. I find a way to make it work. That is what propelled my success.”

    “Most of the multinational companies that come to Ghana do not put in infrastructure. They operate a system where they invest very little and take it away. They sell their products and leave,” Okonkwo says. “I’m hoping to provide employment and add to Ghana’s economy.”
    African Women Wonders: Energy Maverick Salma Okonkwo is set to build Ghana’s largest solar farm

    This should be pretty cool if it's done soon.
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