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    The federal government and the US military has been thoroughly infiltrated by the very type of person the country was warned about in the Army-McCarthy hearings (1954). Unfortunately one type of infiltrator escaped detection until recently. Nobody, myself included, separated hardcore Communists from global government traitors who might not be Communists.

    Not only was the three branches of government infiltrated by both types there are many staff officer in every branch of the armed services who are more loyal to the United Nations than they are to the United States. I have to admit that I was never able to determine if global government traitors in the military constitute the majority. I’m beginning to believe they do.

    I now realize I was illogical in thinking one or two UN-loving traitors could rise to the highest levels over the majority in a military culture. Example: Colin Powell not only rose to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he went on to become secretary of state. Now, David Petraeus is being touted for Romney’s vice president. Happily, emergency flares are going up. Chelsea Schilling sent up a barrage in today’s piece. I am not offering any excerpts because there is so much in it that Americans concerned about losing sovereignty should read. Look at Romney to best understand the threat his VP choice offers.

    Start with this: Romney will never pick a vice president whose commitment to global government is in doubt. The trick for Romney and the media is to find a VP whose global government loyalty can be hidden behind a few “conservative” positives. That’s fairly easy to do with the others on the short list. Not so with Petraeus who left a trail a blind man on his death bed could follow as you’ll see in Chelsea Schilling’s piece.

    Notice that nobody on the short list ever said that America’s sovereignty is their first loyalty.

    The biggest danger Petraeus offers comes from his long career in the military. A President Petraeus, or even Vice President Petraeus, committed to global government knows how to use knowledge of the military, and his associations with fellow officers, to quickly snuff out any armed resistence should Americans rebel.

    Also notice that Democrats do not have Romney’s sovereignty problem. Most Americans know that every top Democrat will sell out this country to global government in a heartbeat so they do not have to play games. Betraying America’s independence to the United Nations is a given for Democrats. The press does not report it and few Americans notice it.

    Finally, just to be clear about Petraeus. He is a duplicate of John McCain in that their military service to the country deserves the highest respect, but there is no way in the world either one should be given political authority of any kind. McCain was elected to the Senate; so not much can be done about him at this late date. Petraeus is another matter should Romney pick him.

    Here’s the link to the emergency warning:

    What you don't know about David Petraeus
    Conservatives may think twice before championing CIA director for Romney VP
    Published: 11 hours ago
    by Chelsea Schilling

    What you don’t know about David Petraeus
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    Not fucking there !
    McCain is a fucking dolt who got shot down while bombing a light bulb factory full of women.He's about as heroic as Pewee Herman getting caught jacking off in a midnight theater.
    Petcherass is a full time Napoleonite Nazi that will do whatever his masters tell him to do.

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