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    Shoveling the ashes
    Economic Stimulus Package BatBoy Style.

    Tomorrow I head off to Las Vegas. It's a present for my daughter, and my sister is meeting us there.
    I see it as my own economic stimulus contribution.

    I have to fly on a plane to get there. That employs pilots, flight attendants, ticket agents, airplane mechanics, some guy to mop the floors at both airports, the people that fuel the plane, the people that work in the refinery that makes jet fuel, the author of the book I read on the plane, the people that work in the printing company that printed the book, the people that work in the book store that sells the book.
    When I get to Las Vegas, I'm staying in a hotel. That employs the people that built the hotel, the maid in the hotel, the reservation person, the person that sweeps the casino floor, the dealers, the bartender (oh hell, did I say bartender?) that means, somebody had to brew my drinks, somebody had to package my drinks, make the container they came in, drive a truck to deliver the drinks to the casino. Of course I will eat while I am there, so now, a chef, a waiter, a busboy and dishwasher are employed.
    Then, of course, there are all the lights and slot machines and gaming tables. I'm paying for the electricity, the manufacturing for the slot machines, the tables and yes, even the light bulbs.

    I know I've only touched the surface of all the people I will be paying for on my vacation.
    It's like I'm a one man economic stimulus package.
    Why don't the rest of you get off your ass and stimulate the economy.
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