Does Obama Favor replacing the US Dollar with a Global Currency?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CrusaderFrank, Sep 9, 2009.

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    It's been obvious for quite a while that the US Presidency is too small a position for a Malignant Narcissist* like Barack Obama, so without wasting anytime Obama will chair the UN Security Council. Yes, Obama will head the very group that I would force into taking the uppermost floors of the reconstructed World Trade if they wanted to remain in Manhattan.

    But this is the same UN that has publicly announce scrapping the US dollar as the world reserve currency. Obama's idiot SecTres recently admitted he could see replace the dollar and Obama and the Dems have spooked investors so badly that we may lose our AAA Credit rating, thereby hurting the dollars ability to be the preferred currency.

    So what's it gonna be BoMama? Do you support replacing the US dollar with a world currency?

    *Labeling Obama a "Malignant Narcissist" is the genius work of Tammy Bruce. Know her, love her!

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