Does freedom of speech exist..........

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by archangel, Aug 20, 2005.

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    in the USMB...maybe then maybe not depends on who you are...some in here think that if you are a moderator or one who contribues more in the way of contributions you have more power or say so as to what one posts...I for one would contribute alot if I truly believed this were true...freedom of speech that is... not favoritism...I truly believe that some in here have dropped the ball...sorta speak...I for one take my time before I hard earned income....some take the short... if it feels it and you will be rewarded now....not a sound investment....economics 101 approach...reward the first...and dismiss the slower investors...hummm...if y'all missed my drift..then shame on you....!!!!
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    See rule #11:

    Moderators will decide whether or not someone has broken the rules. These decisions will not be questioned by existing members. There will be no airing of grievances on the board, in ANY forum, about the way the board is ran. Any posts condemning moderator action will be deleted. Further posts on the subject will result in a ban. If a user has a concern about the board they are free to PM a moderator or administrator.
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