Demogoblin: Manhattan/Trump Diary

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    This is a commerce-culture parable inspired by Ruthless People and Leprechaun.

    Signing off,



    America was captained by capitalism-baron and casino-mogul Donald Trump who was elected President. The world was commerce-driven (i.e., Wall Street, NATO, European Union, World Bank). You couldn't turn the corner on a city-street without seeing an ATM conveniently placed to encourage more and more shopping! This was downright suffocating. Added to this 'cauldron' of fast-food salads were the capitalism pirates. What would such moral laxness bring?


    Sure, you might find a beautiful stewardess working for British Airways or Aer Lingus (Ireland), but as soon as you read a news-story of a stewardess involved in an intricate international narcotics-smuggling operation (working as a drug-runner or messenger for a syndicate), you start thinking there's something seriously wrong with modern traffic. Captain America (Marvel Comics), a patriot, might cheer a youngster up, or Poison Ivy (DC Comics), an eco-terrorist, might cheer a radical college student up, but where was God?


    God was absent, but the forces of darkness were not. A strange spirit from the underworld named Demogoblin rose from the underworld and wanted to fly around Manhattan on his jet-glider invisibly and put angst into the hearts of the modern urban yuppie and labourer. Demogoblin carried pumpkin-bombs and had a long snake-like tongue and monstrous teeth and despised everything about capitalism(!). Demogoblin was an abomination but also a sign of the times, bringing fear and trepidation to the modern consumer. Mostly, Demogoblin would invade the dreams of Manhattanites and make them anticipate unnatural capitalism-oriented ambitions and schizophrenia.


    Pedestrians in Manhattan were about to discover the real-world impact of the presence of the Demogoblin. A troop of bank robbers inspired by the comic book bank-robbing team known as Red Hood Gang (DC Comics) wore black ski-masks and suits and robbed numerous banks across the state of New York (and in Manhattan!). This team referred to itself as 'Red Hood Gang' and promised that the final robbery would reveal their 'crime-world angel' --- Red Riding Hood(!) --- was present in the real world and walking among Americans as a 'spectre.' Yes, 'Red Hood Gang' was eccentric indeed and it fuelled the ghoulish malicious anti-American wrath of the ominous Demogoblin.


    GOD: It looks like Demogoblin is an 'evil archangel.'
    SATAN: What should we do?
    GOD: Perhaps my archangel Michael should help New Yorkers.
    SATAN: Manhattan is in real trouble...
    GOD: Are you a fan of Woody Allen's film Manhattan?
    SATAN: I find it elegiac and sardonic though overly-sentimental.
    GOD: He made it for personal reasons it seems...
    SATAN: Do Americans care about 'cultural patriotism'?
    GOD: Sure. Americans appreciate the Mummers Parade and St. Patrick's Day.
    SATAN: Maybe consumerism (e.g., Burger King, eTrade) is jading pedestrians.
    GOD: Well, this 'Red Hood Gang' is only adding fuel to a dangerous fire.
    SATAN: I think Demogoblin means to draw Manhattanites towards self-destruction!
    GOD: Demogoblin is no angel, so Michael will have to decide how Americans will flourish.
    SATAN: Perhaps the Trump Administration can offer some 'commercial hope.'
    GOD: Trump's energy policy will determine the 'flavor' of anti-TrumpUSA street-protests.
    SATAN: I doubt Trump even knows what the EPA really does...
    GOD: He'll have to be shown then; Demogoblin has no pity for 'capitalism flowery.'
    SATAN: Americans think you're simply absent from daily concerns.
    GOD: Cholesterol-culture is a consequence of free-will mischief, so I'm helpless!
    SATAN: All this 'money-mud' reminds me of the Black Plague in Europe(!).




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